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Scrubs off, jerseys on: health-care workers to attend Jets game

Carol Sanders
7:00 PM CDT Tuesday, Jun. 1, 2021
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Return to office a work in progress for Manitoba civil servants - Employees' concerns should guide post-pandemic workplace, union says

City libraries reopen as safe harbours, ports of knowledge

Mary Simon installed as new Governor General - Mary Simon installed as new Governor General

Tory discontent finds voice in backbench

'More than just a big body' - Rookie Ezekiel Rose -- from Last Chance U to the Blue and Gold

Bilingual Bard - Filmed version of The Winter's Tale will appeal to both French and English speakers

Many factors driving border-opening decisions

Sagkeeng's scars - Sagkeeng's scars: colonization has left a traumatic imprint

Temperature high, everything dry - Morden imposes water-use restrictions; Interlake cattle farmers forced to sell animals

Climate crucible - Western Canadian wilderness an unwieldy tinderbox

Silence on vaccine status not an option for public servants - Infrastructure minister, Seine River MLA owe Manitobans an explanation for rejecting their government's policy

Union urges justice minister to act on alleged jail guard attacks

Little girl, big voice - Mohawk filmmaker Tracey Deer fulfils a childhood dream

Canada NHL's no-fly zone - Players' preference for playing in U.S. makes it harder to build a contender in Great White North

Positive potential outweighs language concern

Cabinet minister, Tory MLA vaccine holdouts - Infrastructure Minister Schuler, Seine River rep not fully immunized against COVID-19

'We have 34 weeks of water left in that lake' - Morden faces supply dilemma as usage restrictions loom across parched Manitoba

Woefully unPrEPared - Manitoba the only province that doesn't cover the cost of a drug that prevents HIV

One size should not fit all in Manitoba reopening plan

Two jabs, one ticket - 'Getting carded' has new meaning as venues, events ask for proof of vaccination

Rings tarnished beyond repair - Inspiring Olympic moments can't paper over hubris at core of event

Chevy has lots of balls in the air - The off-season juggling act has just begun for Jets GM

European Union issues a climate-plan challenge

'Crisis point' of ICU nurse vacancy rates coincided with out-of-province COVID patient transfers

Anti-vaxxers, COVID deniers bad for business in Winkler - Increasing number of southeastern Manitoba shoppers staying home, driving to Winnipeg rather than risk trip to immunization-hostile community

Vaccine supersites scaling back operations - Demand expected to drop early next month, health official says

Under pressure, province spends in defence of Bill 64

Pallister faces tough questions, but when will he resurface?

Covert comedy - Bucolic secret location home to weekly showcase of local standups

It's the wild West - Alberta's reopening plan makes visiting feel surreal, dangerous, hopeful

Priority is protecting most vulnerable

Double-vaxxed, but not relaxed - Thousands waiting for province to fix records to get immunization cards

Burning need to chart new course on climate change

Manitobans need to know why health system collapsed under COVID's weight

City makes Time's list of World's Greatest Places - Winnipeg makes Time's list of World's Greatest Places

Tantalizing expansion-draft options when Seattle gets Kraken - With savvy picks, Francis could build instant contender

A legend looks back - Winnipeg-born David Steinberg reflects on 50 years of laughs in new book

U.S. border reopening a prudent next step

Pallister resignation would 'be good for Manitoba,' MKO grand chief says - Indigenous leaders accuse provincial government of 'racist, political propaganda, gaslighting'

Sagkeeng begins search for unmarked burial sites

Vaccine fears fuel exodus from Winkler area - Low German-speaking Mennonite families fleeing jobs, homes for Mexico, Central America nations

Cowardice is contagious - Politicians passing buck on crucial vaccine status restrictions

Olé! - Long-lost eatery Chi-Chi's still strikes a chord with Winnipeggers

The belle of Broadway - The Fort Garry Hotel hearkens back to a more glamorous time

Have mercy - Bombers DB Mercy Maston out for season with torn Achilles

Wanted or not, Tokyo Games will go on

Anger bubbles up in Tory ranks over Pallister's authoritarian rule

Toppling Manitoba monuments 'hurts reconciliation process': poll

Clarke can do no wrong in Gladstone - Former mayor has overwhelming support in hometown after leaving cabinet following Pallister's divisive remarks

Taking the heat in Winkler - In Winkler, tempers flare over freedom given to fully vaccinated neighbours

Statuary holiday - Take a break from honouring figureheads: Indigenous artists

Rallies and reckoning - Manitoba Legislative Building the focus of rallies, political demonstrations

Reconciliation minister — like his boss — is way out of his depth

Tory MLAs' only chance for survival is to kick out Pallister now

Buck's team survives brutal life blitz - Bombers offensive co-ordinator's tough-as-nails wife beats breast cancer and leukemia

A rather inauspicious ministerial debut

New Indigenous reconciliation minister delivers disastrous debut - Lagimodiere claims he 'misspoke' about residential schools' good intentions minutes after swearing-in

'Gang of One' cracks Pallister's iron fist

Reconciliation requires leadership, not revisionist history

The toll of West Nile virus - Survivor speaks out as province warns conditions perfect to hatch mosquitoes that carry disease

IG Field staff to show proof of vaccination or gameday test

Jewish community opposed to medical college's proposed circumcision changes

Driven by their need to protect the planet - More students drawn to climate studies

Raider of the lost... merchandise - Manitoban's Indiana Jones collection could earn Guinness World Records entry

Final vaccination push must expand outreach

Indigenous minister resigns cabinet post after Pallister's colonist praise - 'Completely impossible' for MLA Eileen Clarke to be government's liaison with Indigenous people in wake of premier's comments: senior Tory source

More freedom for Manitobans, especially the fully vaccinated - Next reopening phase includes theatres, Bombers game

Rural voices raise objections to Manitoba education reform plan

Province's reopening plan rewards vaccinated, offers incentive for others - Phase 2 approach strikes right balance for Manitobans to return to more normal lives

Pallister careens toward his day of reckoning

Eat your greens - Cooking with cannabis requires more than just pot and pans

Bombers will have fans in the stands - Full house of double-vaccinated supporters expected for Aug. 5 home opener

Manitoba should move on child-care opportunity

Right-wing centre condemned for hiring P.I. to follow Manitoba chief justice - Group challenging COVID-19 health orders on behalf of churches

Medical emergency buries international student in debt - Ugandan hit with more than $120,000 in bills after near-month hospital stay from life-saving stomach surgery, COVID

Fire response 'horrendous': McGillivray recycler - Owners, workers watched businesses just outside city limits burn to ground June 30 amid jurisdictional chaos, confusion for emergency crews

From mischief to mayhem - Fringe group that had chief judge tailed should be pushed back to the shadows

Manitoba berry farmers experience extreme weather crunch

After pandemic's silence, music and night life back on stage downtown

Miz congeniality - Fringe show parodies blockbuster musical by putting on a happy face

A busy season on the barbecue circuit

'No reconciliation whatsoever with Brian Pallister' - Critics charge any Manitoba advancements overshadowed by premier's constant squabbles, racially charged remarks

Man accused of daughter's slaying had sought custody

School in July? Best summer ever! - Catching up or getting ahead, teens grateful to be back in class with other students and real, live teachers

Rewarding double-vaxxed Manitobans a chance to motivate holdouts

Majestic markers - 'Halfway trees' have sentimental roots in many Manitobans' hearts

Sticky situation - City teacher's side hustle? Creating and selling artwork made from duct tape

Triathlon triumphs - Manitoba doesn't boast many triathletes, but has produced some great ones

Vaccine rollout failed at-risk BIPOC population

Man accused of killing daughter assaulted mother when she was pregnant

Manitoba slow to bail out surgery wait lists swamped in second wave: report

Province plans three years of 2.5% Hydro rate hikes - Prices should be set by Public Utilities Board, not decided around cabinet table, say critics

Tories' big Hydro lie just got fatter

Destructive by design - Destructive by design: Pallister's version of settlement history blind to pain, injustice

Goldeyes clubby throws a complete game - Jamie Samson has been running things in the Fish clubhouse for 20 years

Where have all the folkies gone? - For the second year in a row, the Winnipeg Folk Festival has been silenced by COVID-19

Appointment creates opportunity for change

'We don't have the ability to save them' - COVID-19 patient's 'unreal' journey from Winnipeg hospital to Ontario ICU and back

Pallister rewrites history, ignites firestorm - Praising colonizers, 'racist dog-whistling' a blow to reconciliation, say stunned Indigenous leaders, historians, politicians

Premier: check your ego at the door

'We're not getting it right' - Outspoken Flin Flon priest implores Catholic Church, clerics to apologize for residential school abuse

Striking gold with Silver - Western Glove Works' marks 100th year — and 100 million pairs of jeans

One fairy tale ends, but Euro dream continues for fans

Cool comfort - Ice cream dream offered glimmer of hope during anxiety of pandemic

Reopening plan must include safe schools

Manitoba marks COVID-19 milestones - Vaccination target met early, daily case count lowest since March

Ottawa signs 'modern-day treaty' with Métis federation - Manitoba grand chief accuses Liberals of playing favourites

Remarkable moment, remarkable days to come - Simon named Canada's first Indigenous governor general

Down in the drought - Lack of precipitation puts added pressure on Manitoba farmers

WFPS chief reports six-hour waits for some ambulances, burned-out paramedics

Idols no more - Legislative grounds tour reveals collection of statues that delivers selective history

Live... from IG Field - Valour FC match will feature Winnipeg fans in stands for first time in 16 months

'Post-pandemic Manitoba' is on the horizon

Justice minister appeals for calm after queens' statues toppled - Friesen vows perpetrators will be punished

Sharing 'joy' of vaccination in Hutterisch

Pimicikamak leads community vaccination pack

Hopeful hints of a post-pandemic return to life in Manitoba

Reading, writing, repeating: a year lost to COVID - Some First Nations opt to turn clock back one grade this September

The butterfly protectors - Fate of the Poweshiek species resides in an Assiniboine Park Zoo greenhouse

Long-range love - Ohin's family tunes in from Africa to watch Valour FC player score first goal

Toppled statues prompt reconsideration of tributes

Indigenous leaders advocate for dialogue in wake of protest - Toppling of statues 'nothing compared to deliberate destruction of life and culture'

Vandalism is in the eye of the beholder - Destruction of statues connected to actual violence visited on Indigenous people

Delta infection modelling in works as next reopening goal nears - Manitoba posts two-day total of 145 new COVID-19 cases, seven more deaths

Vaxxed and at your service - Employers face challenges on what they can — and cannot — mandate in the workplace

Land sale limits cemetery access - Permission to pay respects left to the whim of present property owner

A putt above - Manitoba couple reopens Grand Beach mini-golf course with retro feel

Ready to roll - Horror projects lead way as film, TV sectors ramp up after pandemic pause

Five things the Jets can learn from this year's playoffs - Habs, Lighting have found a formula for success

Vandal's bold demand requires follow-up action

B.C. nations say 182 unmarked graves found in cemetery near former residential school - B.C. First Nations says 182 unmarked graves found

Pope serious about reconciliation, will listen to Indigenous peoples: archbishop

Another dark reminder of most remarkable Canada Day

100,000 doses in four days: Manitoba races toward vaccination target

Feeling the heat - Restaurateurs keep a lot of plates spinning as the pandemic tests the limits of their passion

Learning under lockdown - Demands of pandemic schooling called for innovation, determination

Miigwetch for the music - Instagram project aims to open listeners' ears to a world of Indigenous artists

NHL's response is disappointing but predictable