Essential reads for September 10, 2020

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Premier's contact-tracing claim discredited - Union says nurses way behind, at 'point of exhaustion'

Medical examiner's staff in crisis - Nurse investigators warn union of 'untenable' situation because of increased deaths, understaffing

Most Manitobans obeyed stay-home rule, data show

Good data required for good faith

Military answers First Nations call for medical help

He shoots, he scores! - Backyard rink builder's new business can barely keep up with demand

Silver (screen) lining - Local director's rom-com got blockbuster treatment during COVID-related Hollywood drought

Sartorial stalwart - City clothier keeping them in stitches since 1948

Liberal position on Huawei becomes moot point

Steinbach emerges as COVID crisis zone - Prime minister warns entire country must hunker down

The price of procrastination - Manitoba and North Dakota have relied on residents to act responsibly; the consequences have been tragic

Canadian Blood Services seeks plasma from recovered COVID-19 Manitobans

Public-health decisions require government oversight - Manitoba legislation ensures elected officials consider consequences of medical advice

School daze - Three families deal with unsettling, ever-changing schooling

The end justifies the memes - Manitoba's pandemic response fertile ground for social-media satirists

And sew it goes - Running a clothing company keeps mom of five girls in stitches

Remembering Blue heaven - Behind-the-scenes employees recall the grand week the Bombers won the Grey Cup

'Buy American' approach creates concerns

Province cracks down on house gatherings, in-person retail sales - 'These orders are for the sole purpose to save Manitobans' lives,' Roussin says

Manitoba full of undiagnosed COVID carriers: experts

Family grieves in wake of 'suspicious' deaths, fire

Manitoba law 'inferior' - Roussin can't act unless he has Friesen's permission; COVID-battling doctor's wings clipped, expert says

Reading, writing, adapting - Governor Semple School class learning to adjust to pandemic changes

Manitoba drops contact-tracing ball under coach Pallister

Emptiness cuts like a knife - Eerie feeling pervades as The Forks is devoid of visitors

Fajardo forgives the goalposts - CFL stars discuss play that sent Blue Bombers to Grey Cup

Protests pose prickly challenge for Pallister

Steinbach doctor gets COVID, pleads with community to abide by rules

Lack of asymptomatic testing in Manitoba care homes questioned - Retired epidemiologist calls it best way to protect residents, staff

Son's death from COVID a total shock - Former Manitoban found dead in Fargo home among 785 virus victims in North Dakota

Rule-breakers cashing in - Retail restrictions not very effective if no one is enforcing them

Community transmission, community apprehension

'Toba should be well-represented at world juniors - Jets prospects, five WHL stars have shot at making Team Canada

Open and shut (almost) - Bistro boss isn't fazed by launching during a lockdown

Province must rebuild trust with doctors

Businesses press province to close loopholes - Upgraded restrictions would ban sale of non-essential goods at big box stores

Manitoba's contact-tracing force likely inadequate to stem tide - Science inexact, but team of fewer than 300 appears to be fighting a losing battle with rampant COVID community spread

Phys-ed under the big top - Sage Creek among city schools leaning on tents for outdoor learning

Steinbach-area church, not Hutterites, behind health order-breaking anti-mask rally

Roussin grapples with anti-mask factions

Dozens of city firefighters drop paramedic program

Saddled with problems - Thanks to the pandemic, lessons horses facing an unstable future

Jets better prepare for nomadic season - COVID-19 concerns make home games increasingly unlikely

Trump's grip imperils GOP rebuild

Manitoba faces 392 new COVID-19 cases, 10 more deaths

Premier vows more tickets for protesters at anti-mask rally

'It could look like a wartime situation' - Anesthesiologist, physician plead for Manitobans to heed public-health orders

Mend the weak link, bar social gatherings by law

When life gives our premier lemons... - Crowing about having toughest pandemic restrictions ignores catastrophic reality

Shot from the heart - Winnipegger's photo essay captures personal side of global pandemic

CFL pinning hopes on COVID-19 vaccine - Commissioner emerges from months of obscurity to all but guarantee 2021 season will happen

Better contact tracing key for Manitoba

Health authority CEO admits oversight of Maples care home wasn't enough

Suffering in the dark - Manitoba collecting race-based COVID-19 infection data but hasn't made it public

Students hearing bells, not alarms - No sign officials considering closing schools despite soaring city, provincial test-positivity rates

Doctors ask province who to turn away if hospitals full - Manitoba physicians in dark over pandemic planning, internal document shows

Data shows Manitoba's 'balanced' pandemic response is a misguided one

What Manitoba needs now is a leader

MJHL teams apologize for breaking lockdown rules in joint unsigned statement - Winnipeg Blues, Freeze caught on video breaking COVID protocol

Residential reckoning - National historic site aims to tell school's story from Indigenous survivors' perspective inside

Match game - For these collectors, it's fine to judge a book by its cover

Regrettably, COVID-19 fines necessary

Top doctor forced to defend socializing message after order issued

Mixed messaging a 'dangerous' combination - Unclear communication surrounding province’s COVID-19 orders ‘undermines everything,’ prof says

Pandemic recruiting of Manitoba nurses panned

COVID-19 app of little use in Manitoba

Longtime hockey executive slams MJHL teams that broke the rules - Strong message needs to be sent, says Don McIntosh

A rink and a smile - Backyard ice surfaces springing up as pandemic puts a freeze on sports

Trump tries to ignite powder keg

Manitobans told to batten down the hatches

Manitoba goes full code red - Province-wide lockdown follows 384 new COVID-19 cases, five more deaths

This lockdown comes with a lifeline - Province announces relief programs at the same time it is shutting down all non-essential businesses

Dithering minister of everything should leave this one to the doctors

Social media post highlights province's poor pandemic planning

Winnipeg Blues, Freeze caught on video breaking MJHL's COVID lockdown rules

Audience crushing on MSNBC's election wonk

Remembering the Forgotten War - Three Canadian veterans recall their experiences in the 1950s conflict that split Korea in two and never came to a formal end

Despite COVID-19, we still remember

COVID claims first health-care worker in Manitoba - Victoria hospital aide and Congolese community leader died Friday

Pallister government cuts exacerbate COVID crisis

Manitoba building distance learning support hub

Strange memories - A determined yearbook committee refuses to be derailed by COVID-19

Health care on hold - Health Links callers wait more than four hours on hold

No question Alex Trebek loved Jeopardy! job - Winnipeg contestants share memories of late game-show host

Remembrance Day a victim of virus - Poppy campaign, events 'decimated' this year due to COVID's spread

Promising vaccine still faces hurdles

Accused Manitoba doctor under order before sex charges laid

Code red for Southern Health region

Health crisis a 'plandemic' - La Broquerie's skeptical reeve expresses doubts about COVID, says restrictions to slow virus spread infringement on rights

The count goes on - with Biden on the cusp of presidency - The count goes on - with Biden on the cusp of presidency

Keeping health-care workers healthy critical to hospital plan

Religious differences over pandemic orders

This barre is open - Royal Winnipeg Ballet dancers are staying on their toes

A Knight's tale - Sir Bill of Winnipeg has had his feet firmly on the flooring for a half-century

Summer pause set stage for fall crisis

Manitoba in 'desperate need' of COVID testing equipment

Pallister targets public enemy No. 19 - Premier announces ad campaign, snitch line and ramped-up enforcement to break up large gatherings, slow COVID rampage

Manitoba reports 427 new COVID infections, four deaths

Ads target youth as virus surges among elderly

Public crisis demands public data

Trump hits election integrity with unsupported complaints - Trump hits election integrity with unsupported complaints

Crafting crunch - Artisans forced online find business pales in comparison to craft shows

Pistons tested for COVID-19 - MJHL shuffling games Pandemic fallout forces major reshuffling of MJHL schedule

Provincial intervention required at care homes

Friesen ignored MDs' alarms - Health minister, senior officials failed to reply to multiple urgent warnings of oncoming critical-care calamity, letters reveal

Opposition calls for health minister to quit - List of doctors to criticize pandemic response grows to 350

Trump hits election integrity with unsupported complaints - Trump hits election integrity with unsupported complaints

Hefty fine for innocent mistake - Three city bars dinged $5,000 each for breaching new COVID-19 restrictions

Testing their patience - Frustrated educators face long wait for virus-testing results

Doctor sounds alarm about virus testing at Keeyask

Tories' premature exhilaration may explain Manitoba's COVID quagmire

Taking a seat: sale of Bay restaurant items churns up nostalgia

Curator gives sneak peek into Inuit art centre

Pandemic puts brakes on GDP recovery

Manitoba reactivates pandemic command co-ordination structure

Teacher with COVID-19 wants schools temporarily closed

Silent no more: Doctors slam province's COVID-19 preparedness - Silent no more: Doctors slam province's COVID-19 preparedness

When the going gets tough, the premier gets going... to his country home

Manitoba pushes tighter self-isolation rules

Trouble at the neighbours' - Regardless of the outcome, what's happening south of the border is both heartbreaking and frightening

'Most generous'? Sorry, Mr. Premier - Pallister incorrectly claims Manitoba's pandemic-assistance business benefits exceed any other province

Political panelist - Local cartoonist chronicles Sen. Kamala Harris's Canadian years

Election is a process, not a day

Failure to act - Manitoba COVID woes can be traced to government's 'incompetent reaction': experts

Winnipeg region slapped with code-red restrictions - Three more COVID-19 deaths, city ICU beds at near-capacity

Province's half measures won't stop COVID surge

No treats for businesses - Code Red restrictions 'will be the final nail in the coffin' for many local shops

Sacred site, breathtaking sight - Inuit hunting camp dating back 1,000 years offers optimism about climate change

Anxiety on the tundra - Climate change a clear and present danger to the already-shrinking polar bear population

Escape is in the cards - With fans shut out by the pandemic, the sports card industry is booming

Thin ice - Minor hockey officials, volunteers hope Friday's new restrictions are only temporary

Funeral fiasco reflects communication lapse

Shut down now, doctors tell premier, health minister - 'We're in deep trouble based on the numbers we're seeing,' group's open letter warns

St. Boniface ICU full; 193 new COVID-19 cases sets record

Alarm bells ring as contact tracing clock ticks on

As Winnipeg pandemic concerns rise, Transit rolls on

Planning to stay, paying to play - Retailers selling cold-weather gear feel the heat from shoppers

Hope dims for orphaned polar bear cubs - Past failures, current inaction mean abandoned young North stars likely doomed

'What's new in the zoo?' - Blizzard's Keane to keep players pumped about MJHL play on the road

Thanks at the Dansk - Family keeping Sherbrook Street schnitzel house going

Social distancing for ghouls and goblins

Death toll hits 61 - Winnipeg close to ICU capacity, surgeries cancelled as cases rise, death toll hits 61

Top doc hints at tougher restrictions after Thanksgiving spike

'Something fell through the cracks' - Family questions care at Revera-run facility after mother contracts COVID, dies

Qaumajuq to illuminate downtown - Indigenous advisory council chooses Inuktitut word meaning 'it is bright' for the name of WAG's new Inuit Art Centre

Peas, please - World's largest pea protein processor has a pulse, expected to start production by year's end

'Last stand of democracy' - U.S. voters in Winnipeg wait as election night looms

Coyotes, NHL pay lip service to diversity - Draft pick's conduct goes far beyond the typical stupidity of an immature teenager

One-woman play at PTE helps fill theatre void

Bowman still has time for legacy-building

Bad behaviour: individual lapses help drive COVID-19 spike

Virus test-positivity rate rockets to 7.1% in province - Number a concern but doesn't tell complete COVID story, city epidemiologist says

Let's be focused — and forgiving — in our fight against COVID

Paramedics work unprecedented OT as COVID strains overwhelmed system - WFPS chief, union president worried burnout among exhausted ranks will exacerbate situation

Early call of the lame duck mayor

Lambos honing his craft in Finland - Ice blue-liner, top 2020 NHL draft prospect could play for JYP this weekend

Man with the plan - Short shoot, small budget no obstacle to multi-talented Winnipeg filmmaker

Election will send message to Supreme Court