Katrina Clarke

Reporter - City

Katrina Clarke was born in Winnipeg and raised in southern Ontario. She believes Manitoba instilled grit and resiliency in her from Day One by living the first months of her life in a frigid Prairie winter.

An avid reader, Katrina dreamed of becoming a detective like her literary heroes, Harriet the Spy and Nancy Drew. She once spent a summer investigating the goings-on in small-town Ontario, documenting her observations – specifically, the licence plates of passing cars – in a notebook. Sadly, she solved no mysteries or crimes.

Since then, Katrina’s grown-up journalism career has taken her from Toronto to Fredericton and back again (Hamilton), plus a few stints overseas. She joined the Free Press in 2022 and is proud to call Friendly Manitoba home once again.

Katrina strives to make Winnipeg and Manitoba a better place through investigative journalism that holds power to account, demands transparency from public officials and leads to progressive policy change.

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