Julia-Simone Rutgers

Reporter - City

Julia-Simone Rutgers never thought she’d end up loving daily news, or living in Winnipeg. In fact, growing up in Calgary she long thought she’d eventually become an engineer — civil or electrical, to be precise.

But somewhere along the line a passion for poetry—and then for writing in general—took over, and after earning a journalism degree from the University of King’s College in Halifax she found herself enchanted by the relentless pace and undeniable value of newspaper writing.

Armed with a dangerous curiosity, a patience for number-crunching, and a passion for justice, Julia-Simone began spending time in courts, city hall, and other institutions of power in her city. Her work stretches from poetic musings on a Janelle Monae concert in Vancouver to hard-hitting deep dives into police street checks in Nova Scotia, but at its heart her work is always driven by a love of community, and a desire to amplify the powerful stories of the people around her.

In 2020, chasing the dream of telling stories that connect communities and shed light on systems of power, Julia-Simone packed up and moved to Manitoba to write a little bit of everything for the Free Press.