Kittie Wong

Page designer - Photos & Graphics

The expression ‘variety is the spice of life’ is probably one of a number of mantras Kittie Wong adheres to in life.

Hong Kong-born and Manitoba-raised, Kittie initially wanted to be a journalist — more specifically, a magazine writer.

But she got sidetracked by an interest in photography while she was studying at the University of Winnipeg. After getting her university degree in English and Political Science, she earned her photojournalism diploma at Loyalist College.

During her time at Loyalist, Kittie was given the opportunity to be one of several film runners for Agence-France Presse during the 1992 World Series between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Atlanta Braves at SkyDome (aka Rogers Centre).

The summer of ’93 was spent working for The Canadian Press working as a picture editor, which was where she cut her photo-editing teeth.

In January 1994, Kittie was hired by the late Winnipeg Free Press photo editor, Jon Thordarson, and split her time between working as a night photo editor and as a page designer.

She was pressed into service as a photographer when the 1999 Pan Am Games came to Winnipeg.

Somewhere along the way, she added the hat of web editor as part of her office work gear.

These days, Kittie satisfies her shutterbug fix with her iPhone but still treasures her Nikon FM2.

Outside of work, Kittie fell back into writing a few years ago. This led to self-publishing her first fiction novel, The Raven Sonata, in October 2014. Her most recent fiction novel, Risk, was published November 2018.