Wendy Sawatzky

Associate Editor Digital News - Administration

As a child Wendy programmed in BASIC on her family's TRS-80 and published a tabloid newspaper about her friends — both excellent training for her future career in online news.

Wendy brought her twin passions for writing and technology to the Winnipeg Free Press in 2008. She eventually landed her dream job as Associate Editor Digital News in 2013. Depending on the day she's either credited with or blamed for the journalism on the paper's website and mobile apps.

Before arriving at the Free Press, Wendy worked as a radio reporter and online writer for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, as a travel writer in Europe and as a trainer for Journalists for Human Rights in West Africa. She's also served as an election observer in Guyana.

A born-and-bred Manitoban, Wendy has degrees from the University of Winnipeg and the University of King's College. She's a big believer in lifelong learning and is always investigating something new, from books to musical instruments to hobbies to languages (both the spoken and programming variety).

When her hands aren't tap-tapping away at a keyboard, they're usually snap-snapping away on a camera or immersed in a photo-development process. Wendy's visual arts work has exhibited locally and internationally.