Mike Deal

Photojournalist - Photos & Graphics

Mike Deal started freelancing for the Winnipeg Free Press in 1997. Three years later, he landed a part-time job as a night photo desk editor.

His first day in the new position was supposed to be Sept. 12, 2001, but when he awoke to the news of the World Trade Center attacks in New York on Sept. 11, he automatically headed into the newsroom and started work.

For the next few years, he split his hours at the Free Press between photo editing and  photography. In 2008, Mike was hired as a full-time photojournalist.

Mike’s training includes a journalism diploma from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. He also spent time at the University of Manitoba working at the Manitoban, the U of M photo club and taking fine art courses.

He recently finished a personal challenge he set for himself: to shoot 2,013 portraits in 2013 with his iPhone. Now, he’s looking forward to raising the portrait project to another level. Don’t be surprised if he stops you in the street and asks for a moment of your time. You have been warned.

Another personal passion is street photography, capturing the people of Winnipeg amongst the beautiful architecture of the city’s downtown.

In his off hours Mike enjoys taking photos with his iPhone, walks in Assiniboine Forest and spending as as much time as possible with his partner Ariel and their daughter Anna.