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Challenge yourself and expand your mental skills - plus have fun doing it. Subscribe to Manitoba's biggest and best puzzle book, featuring 52 mind twisting puzzles in an easy to handle tab format, delivered to your doorstep weekly. You'll find all of the favourites, including Jumble, Scrabble, Sudoku, plus the NewYork Times Sunday and Daily, LA Times and Canadian crosswords, including a special one themed on Manitoba sports, landmarks and history - there's a new theme weekly.

Home Delivery Availability

Mind Games is available by home delivery to all resident in the city of Winnipeg within the Perimeter Highway. This is regardless if you are a Winnipeg Free Press subscriber or not!

Outside Winnipeg, Mind Games is available by home delivery to subscribers of the Winnipeg Free Press only who have either a 6-day, 5-day or 3-day subscription.


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