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  • Twitter: Sept. 20

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    84.6% One way to unite today would be for every Scot to wear that number as a badge of ......

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    A palate for politics Re: Candidates offer food for thought (Sept. 17). I've been to some developing nations and what I ...

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    Campaign trail heats up David Sanders' "Take down my opponents 1 by 1" tactic will fail. Making ppl dislike your opponents ...

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    Letters, Sept. 19

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  • FP comments: Sept. 18

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    Wyatt's electoral flip-flop Re: Wyatt back to running for council seat (Sept. 16). The Liberal brass in Ottawa likely put ...

  • By Graeme MacKay, The Hamilton Spectator - Wednesday September 17, 2014

There�s a pothole in Hamilton's roads budget

The city has run out of money to repair local roads.

The annual capital roads budget for Hamilton is close to $70 million, but most of that cash is used to fix highways, arterial roads, bus routes and bridges.

The city relied for several years on $25 million left over from a provincial grant to deal with neighbourhood streets � but that money has been used up.

That means local roads will not be rebuilt unless they're dug up for sewer work or already identified on a four-year-old council priority list, said engineering director Gary Moore.

Residents in Wards 1 through 8 can also lobby councillors to use area rating cash. Each of those wards has a $1.6-million annual budget, but fewer than a dozen repaving projects have used that discretionary money so far.

Moore said relying on

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  • Twitter: Sept. 18

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    Life in the fast lane Who is in the ridiculous group of people who want to speed so badly that Steeves ...

  • FP comments: Sept. 17

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    Hitting the jackpot Re: Amalgamation of two Crowns brings windfall (Sept. 15). "I don't think it was a consideration when the ...

  • Twitter, Sept. 17

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    Wyatt out, then back in You would need a Family Circus-style map to make sense of Russ Wyatt's political trajectory. I ...


September 21, 2014

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