August 28, 2015

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Mia Rabson | @mrabson

Aug 28 8:59 am

We looked at the ndp's FN legal fees claim here.… #elxn42

Mia Rabson | @mrabson

Aug 28 8:57 am

3. That Harper spent $1 B fighting FNs in court. The govt is doing a lot of legal battles with FNs but spent less than 1/2 that #elxn42

Jason Bell | @WFPJasonBell

Aug 28 8:56 am

Reports that Altona got hit with major hail this morning during thundershower.…

Mia Rabson | @mrabson

Aug 28 8:56 am

2. He can balance the budget by abolishing the senate. Which he needs 10 provinces to do and won't happen, likely ever. 2/2 #elxn42

Mia Rabson | @mrabson

Aug 28 8:53 am

Three untruths in Mulcair mantra this week. 1. Harper is only Pm to sit through two recessions. He's at least the 5th.1/3 #elxn42


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